Paracord Projects For Beginners: The Definitive Guide

paracord projectsParacord projects are fun, challenging, and rewarding.

However, the number of guides and tutorials on this topic is staggering.

YouTube alone brings back more 20,000 results for the search term “paracord projects”.

That’s a lot of videos watch and evaluate.

This article is a collection of the best paracord projects from around the web – all organized into chapters for quick and easy navigation.

From powerful weapons and tools to homemade clothing and shelters, it is all here.

Once you have finished reading, you can take your newfound skill and make your own paracord gear. Heck you can even use it to start a small side business if you want (hint hint).

Paracord projects – the essential tools you will need to get started

Before you begin your first paracord project, you will need to collect the following tools and supplies.

  • 550 paracord in a variety of colors
  • Knife or scissors to cut the cord
  • A lighter to melt the cord
  • Lacing needle
  • Cutting mat/board

In addition to the items listed above, you should consider investing in a jig – it will save you a ton of time and hassle down the road.

Other tools you may need include: clips and buckles, shackles, and a bracelet maker. How many of these items you buy, depends on the specific project at hand.

The ultimate list of paracord projects

Now that you have gathered all the tools and supplies you need, it is time to get started on your first project.

Below you will find an overview of the different types of projects covered in this guide.

I suggest you just pick out a category that interests you and jump right in.

To make sure there is something for everyone, I have included a mix of both text and video.

Chapter #1

Bags & pouches

Having gear and supplies is fine. But you also need a way to carry your items. In this chapter, you will learn how to make a variety of bags and pouches using paracord.

Chapter #2

Water & hydration

While you can’t magically turn paracord into fresh drinking water, you can use it to protect and carry your containers. The resources below will show you how.

Chapter #3

Food & food preparation

If you want to catch your own food, a piece of paracord is your best friend. Here you will learn how to make snare traps, fishing lures, and more.

Chapter #4


Proper clothing is critical in any survival situation. Hypothermia and hyperthermia can set in quickly and have fatal consequences for you and your family. Here you will find some incredible resources for making your own clothes using paracord.

Chapter #5


Protection from snow, rain, and wind is your number priority in an emergency scenario. Here you will learn how to use paracord to make your own survival shelters.

Chapter #6


Fire making remains one of the most important survival skills you can learn. If you don’t have a firekit yet, I encourage you to check out the resources listed below.

Chapter #7


Paracord can be used to make a plethora of survival tools. Here you will learn how to make everything from keychains to multi-tool pouches.

Chapter #8


Homemade self-defense tools come with a number of benefits over traditional weapons. They are very discreet, require no ammunition, and are easy to conceal. Here are some fantastic resources for making your own weapons with paracord.

Chapter #9


If you have pets, you will love this chapter. Set aside a couple hours to tackle one of these projects: You will have a lot of fun in the process.

Chapter #10


In this final chapter, I have listed all the resources that didn’t fall into one of the other categories. Some of these projects are just for fun; others are highly useful for survival and preparedness.